M-commerce enjoys another boost in the UK

M-Commerce growth

M-Commerce in the UK

Traffic to mobile sites has increased by another 13 percent, according to newly released data.

Affiliate Window, an affiliate network in the United Kingdom, has just released new data that suggests that m-commerce activity significantly increased in October, just as the holiday shopping season is about to get going.

The results were based on the activity across the company’s network of 75,000 affiliate sites.

The analysis included everything from large comparison shopping websites to niche content. In September, the share that belonged to m-commerce was 12.8 percent, but this rose to 13.2 percent in October.

For the first time this year, the proportion of sales through m-commerce broke the 10 percent mark.

In October, that share rose to 10.7 percent, from where it was in September, at 9.9 percent. When compared to a year ago at the same time, this figure has more than doubled the share of sales from m-commerce channels.

The majority of the shopping has come from tablets, as that statistic falls to 4 percent for October when t-commerce statistics are excluded. Among tablets, it was the iPad that made the most important impact, as it accounted for 58 percent of the sales that were made from January through October of this year over mobile. Similarly, 25 percent were from iPhones, 12 percent from Android based devices, 3 percent from BlackBerry, and 2 percent from devices with other operating systems.

Even the conversion rates increased during October, having climbed to 3.2 percent from 2.6 percent in September. Affiliate Window believes that these rates will continue to increase through the end of the year, as an increasing number of advertisers develop their m-commerce strategies and add affiliate tracking to their smartphone and tablet optimized websites.

The highest m-commerce conversion rate came from BlackBerry, which achieved 6.6 percent in October. However, this high rate does not take into consideration the fact that it generates far less traffic volume than Android and iOS. The conversion rates for iPhone and Android phones were both just higher than 2 percent. The traffic and sales share from Android devices increased to approximately 38 percent since January.

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