M-commerce deal reached between Spindle and PayLeap

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Mobile m-CommerceA partnership has formed in order to make a bigger splash in the overall marketplace.

Acculynk’s payment processing solution and gateway, PayLeap, has just formed a strategic partnership with Spindle Inc, in order to be able to take a bigger bite out of the m-commerce market, together.

They have said that they will be able to progress more effectively together than would be possible individually.

The companies have announced their intentions to integrate each of their platforms in order to become better capable of serving the m-commerce marketplace than would be possible on their own. The services of each of the companies complement one another in a way that could make a meaningful mark on this channel.

The new m-commerce opportunity will also allow them to add additional types of services.

The PayLeap platform provides the payment gateway function, as it is able to acquire and process card data in a number of different types of transaction, including in both the brick and mortar environment, as well as over traditional e-commerce. It also contributes additional mobile security services, such as fraud management, a secure checkout using LeapLock, a tokenized vault for cardholder data, and the capability for mobile payments.

On the other hand, Spindle brings additional features to this m-commerce partnership. It provides a white label solution to financial institutions, making mobile couponing, payments, and loyalty services possible.

According to the Acculynk CEO, Ashish Bahl, “This partnership represents an alliance between two organizations that have a track record for delivering frictionless payment solutions to merchants”. This comment was made in an official statement that was released by the CEO regarding the newly solidified deal between the two companies.

Bahl went on to say in the m-commerce news statement that “Becoming part of the large and growing Spindle eco-system is a strategic opportunity for us to increase our reach and serve the needs of customers across the payments world.”

This is only the most recent of many m-commerce partnerships that are happening in this channel as companies come together to help themselves to compete with the larger players that dominate this marketplace.

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