LZRTAG allows consumers to make their own augmented reality content

augmented reality-LZRTAG

augmented reality-LZRTAG

Demand for AR creation platforms rising amongst consumers

Augmented reality has taken the mobile industry by storm. The technology has opened up new avenues for dynamic content to take hold of consumers. Indeed, augmented reality has proven so popular that consumers are beginning to demand ways to make use of the technology themselves, using it to create their own digital content. Though many consumers may still be unfamiliar with augmented reality, that is not stopping companies like LZRTAG from developing applications that can give consumers what they want.

LZRTAG enables consumers to take augmented reality into their own hands

LZRTAG has developed an augmented reality application of the same name. The application enables users with Android devices to create their own augmented reality content. This is accomplished through the application’s website. Users upload a picture or animation to the website, which then produces tags that can be affixed to nearly any surface. When the tags are scanned with the application, they initiate and augmented reality experience.


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Tags generated will be anonymous and last for 6 months

According to LZRTAG, the tags it generates will remain active for six months and the process is entirely anonymous, though the company does record the IP address of those using its services. This may make the platform attractive to ambitious multimedia graffiti artists who are looking to make an impact through the use of augmented reality.

Despite criticism, LZRTAG gaining support amongst consumers

LZRTAG has received some criticism for its inability to facilitate 3D content. At times, the content generated through the platform can also suffer from shortfalls in image quality. Nonetheless, the application’s use of augmented reality and its ability to enable consumers to make their own augmented reality content has garnered LZRTAG with a degree of success. The company plans to continue improving its platform and application and may one day begin supporting the creation of 3D augmented reality content.

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