Lumus unveils new QE-31 augmented reality glasses, offers hands-on demo at technology conferences

Augmented Reality Glasses Example

Augmented Reality Glasses

Augmented reality glasses seem to be the rage amongst technology companies these days. Lumus, makers of high-tech eyewear, have been working on an augmented reality system housed within a pair of glasses for some time. During this year’s Consumer Electronics Show held in January, the company showed off an early version of its new glasses. Now, the company has unveiled an upgraded model called QE-31, which is billed as a major improvement upon previous designs.

The new model consists of a durable frame that serves as a mount for the augmented reality lenses that can be attached to it. There are two varieties of lenses – one small and one large – which contain augmented reality software. The lenses display digital images that respond to the real world. The images are slightly transparent so as not to completely obscure the wearer’s view of the world behind. For now, the displays present the wearer with pre-installed information. Lumus notes that when the glasses are ready for commercial production, users will be able to connect to social media sites and receive live messages from friends directly to the device.

Lumus is not the first to embark on such a project, but it seems to be the company that has made the most progress. Google is also developing augmented reality glasses, but has not been forthcoming with much information regarding the project. Currently, Lumus is one of the very few offering hands-on demos of their product at conferences and other events concerning technology.

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