Louisiana home improvement company adopts QR codes

QR Code mobile marketing

QR Code mobile marketing for small business

QR codes promote new services and discounts from A-Team Home Improvements

Large companies throughout the world have come to consider QR codes as a valuable tool in reaching out to a new generation of consumers. These companies regularly leverage the codes for marketing campaigns that have been met with varying degrees of success. The value of QR codes is not lost to small businesses, however, many of which are beginning to take mobile marketing more seriously. A-Team Home Improvements Company, a construction and home improvement company based in Louisiana, has adopted QR codes to reach out to a wider audience.

QR codes identified as valuable marketing tool

The company has taken note of the popularity of mobile technology, and smart phones in particular. A large number of consumers in the U.S. own smart phones today, making them ideal candidates for mobile marketing campaigns. Like other companies, A-Team Home Improvements believes that QR codes are a good way to reach out to these consumers and has launched a new campaign that will offer discounts as well as promote the company’s new services.


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A-Team Home Improvements unveils industry-first in-house financing service

By scanning the company’s QR codes, smart phone users will gain access to discounts for the company’s services. These discounts will cover a variety of the company’s construction and remodeling services. The codes will also help the company promote its new in-house financing service, which is a first in the home improvement industry. The company believes that this service will provide consumers with more flexibility in terms of finances, which will translate into expanded appeal for the company itself.

Success of QR codes dependent upon consumer awareness

QR codes are quickly becoming a marketing staple for businesses, especially those serving localized communities. The codes have been used by many companies spanning various industries, most of which have found success with the campaigns that have utilized the codes. U.S. consumers are still somewhat divided on QR codes as many consider them to be novelty and others being unaware of their existence. Awareness has been growing, however, as companies begin to promote the codes themselves rather than implement them without providing consumers some modicum of direction.

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