Lodhi Garden QR codes to provide visitors’ information about its historic trees

Lodhi Garden QR Codes - Lodhi Garden

The famous city park in New Delhi invites smartphone users the chance to conveniently learn about its history.

Starting January 1, Lodhi Garden QR codes will be available to scan by any smartphone user who comes across these unique 2D black and white barcodes when they visit one of India’s most iconic city parks.

Visitors can learn unique details about the old trees found within the park.

Lodhi Garden, also known as Lodi Garden, is a famous city park located in New Delhi, situated between Khan Market and Safdarjung’s Tomb on Lodhi Road. It is a protected site by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and spans over 90 acres.

It is home to Mohammed Shah’s Tomb and Tomb of Sikander Lodi, Shisha Gumbad and Bara Gumbad. It also contains architectural works of the 15th century by Lodis, who once ruled northern India and what is now modern-day Pakistan.

The park has multiple gardens, including a national bonsai park, bamboo garden, herbal garden, lotus and lily pond, butterfly zone and peacock hatchery. It also has the tallest tree in Delhi. Called the “Buddha Coconut,” the tree stands 35.5 meters (116.4 feet) high.

The Lodhi Garden QR codes that are being installed on certain trees by the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC), will provide those who scan them with details about the corresponding QR code-tagged tree. These details include the tree’s age, lifespan, common name, botanical name, blooming season, etc.

One hundred trees have been selected for the Lodhi Garden QR codes.

“For the first phase, 100 trees have been selected in the garden where QR codes will be installed. This will make people more interested in nature. More trees will be chosen for the purpose but since Lodhi garden is huge, a census needs to be done,” said a senior NDMC official, reported Business Today.

Lodhi Garden QR Codes - Lodhi GardenThe official also noted that codes need to be figured out for old trees and new plantation before they can be added.

It is expected that the Lodhi Gardens QR codes will be well received by the thousands of visitors the protected historic city park attracts daily.

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