announces support of NFC tags within platform

The team are very excited to announce we now support NFC tags within the platform.

When creating a dynamic QR code in the unique web URL can now be used as the bookmark URL when programming NFC tags thereby making your NFC tags completely dynamic with the same features available as the rest of our linktags. This means for the first time a user can create a dynamic NFC tag and make changes to its actual physical action remotely.

All of our linktag types are supported such as web redirect, app store download, dial a phone number, file download etc. Add this to our reporting features, secure linktag’s and Google Analytics integration and we believe this makes for a powerful addition to the Linktagger NFC Tags and QR Codes

We can also supply fully managed combined QR and NFC Linktags for your users on print or hard engraved/embossed materials. We welcome any challenge and new innovative ways to use our
linktags. is a dynamic QR Code and NFC management platform which allows the creation and management of powerful QR Codes for linking to websites, app store apps, mobile sales channels and public information among many other uses. If you haven’t signed up for a free account at be sure to head over and try us out.

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