You likely take your smartphone to bed, says mobile technology study

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A recent QR Code Press survey revealed that the majority of people sleep next to cell phones.

QR Code Press has released the results of a new mobile technology survey it has conducted to examine certain behaviors with regards to smartphone use, such as taking their devices to bed with them.

The survey highlighted a larger issue regarding sleep deprivation and how mobile devices have affected the way people rest.

As smartphones, tablets, and wearables become commonplace in society, they are beginning to have an impact on the lives of the people who use these devices. According to the QR Code Press survey, 53% of respondents said that they regularly took their smartphones with them when they go to bed.

mobile technology smartphone text sleepAccording to Loreen Worden, a co-founder and editor of the online magazine that conducted the study, “I personally have never texted anyone in my sleep but I have woken up with it in my bed…” jokingly, she added “could have rolled over and called China for all I know!”

Among those who did so, the majority stated that they used their mobile technology devices in some way before going to sleep. Five percent of the respondents noted that they have fallen asleep with their device in their hand on numerous occasions, while 2% claimed to have texted someone while they were asleep.


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While this use of mobile technology may be becoming the norm, it may not be as healthy as many think.

In 2011, the National Sleep Foundation released a report that showed that 95% of people use some type of electronic device an hour before they go to bed. The report suggested that these devices could prevent sleep due to mental stimulus and the fact that they produce excess light. Some people leave their devices on while they fall asleep, which can create a troublesome resting environment. Smartphone addiction could be having an impact on sleeping habits as well.

According to a report from Flurry, the number of people claiming to be addicted to their mobile device grew by 123% in 2013. Addiction was highest among younger people, especially those of college age. As of March 2014, there were an estimated 176 million mobile addicts, and this number is growing rapidly. These people tend to compulsively check their mobile devices, with some basing their sleeping patterns around their mobile activity. Some have even interrupted their sleep to make use of their mobile device, most often for social media purposes.

A Nielsen study showed that by the end of last year, the average American was already spending 34 hours and 21 minutes per month on mobile technology devices. That means that for every month that passes, nearly a full day and a half is spent using a smartphone or tablet. With so many people bringing their devices to bed, it does lead one to wonder how much of that time is during waking hours!

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