How Freelance Workers Can Use Technology to Their Advantage

freelance workers and finding work

Technology is an absolutely massive part of our society and as such, people from all around the world are constantly using it as a means to improve both their personal and their professional life. When it comes to the world of freelancing, this is no exception. There are freelancers everywhere who are constantly referring to technology as a means to make work a lot more straightforward and efficient for them. Are you curious as to how? This article will go into more detail about the different ways that freelance workers…

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Are Ebooks Worth It? Does Anyone Actually Read Them?

Are ebooks worth it?

From the least to the most popular books on Amazon, are people reading the digital copies? For a long time, readers, authors and publishers alike were asking “are ebooks worth it?”.  That time is well behind us as digital books have taken off in the last handful of years. The advantages of ebooks simply cannot be ignored, and they are a staple for any book release. A recent Pew Research Center survey on book formats and consumption showed that while traditional print (comprised primarily by paperback and hardcovers) remains the…

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What Are Some of the Home Office Technologies You Need?

The world population continues to increase, filling up offices at workplaces every day. As such, home offices come in handy. They enable you to work without leaving your home. This helps to save time and reduce congestion in most offices. If you want to create a conducive and highly productive working environment, you’ll need to find the best modern technologies for your home office. We’ll discuss some of the technologies you can consider for your home office: 10 Best Technologies For Your Home Office Some of the best technologies you…

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3D-printed vaccine patch offers pain-free immunization, says study

Vaccine patch - person receiving vaccine via needle

Stanford University and University of North Carolina at Chapel hill say it also builds a stronger immune response. A team of scientists at Stanford University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have developed a 3D-printed vaccine patch that delivers an immunization without needing to use a needle. The researcher said that the method is not only pain-free but also offers an improved immune response. According to the researchers who conducted the study, the vaccine patch they developed will provide an improved immune response when compared to a…

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What You Should Be Looking Out for in Search Engines

Search engines have been in existence for a long time and they’ve become an integral part of modern day life. However, it’s important to stay aware of what’s going on in search engines and how best to optimize your website in order to get the desired results. It is important that you utilize the various features that come with search engines such as their autocomplete, spellcheck, and autonumbers. You should also be looking into alternative search engines such as Yahoo! or DuckDuckGo that provide better results than Google when it…

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