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Broward County residents have the chance to win a free iPad by scanning the barcodes.

Broward County Library QR codes are the center focus of a contest that is open to its users who have smartphones, in the hopes of highlighting the various digital services that are now available.

The winner of the contest will receive the top prize of a free iPad tablet.

It is being called the QR Quest, and provides readers with the opportunity to take part in a brand new online interactive contest that can be accessed by Apple iOS or Android smartphone devices.

Participation is simply based on the scanning of the library QR codes after a free scanner app has been downloaded into the mobile device. Once that occurs, the user gains access to both the contest and information about how to use ebooks or downloadable digital editions.

According to publication specialist Catherine McElrath from the Broward County location, “We’ve been using the technology for the last couple of years to let you download books.” The hope is that by holding the contest with such a desirable prize, more people will become aware of the fact that these services exist, and will find out how to use them.


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There are scanning stations for the library QR codes in several public locations.

These stations include at the Fort Lauderdale Central Bus Terminal, as well as the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. By scanning the barcodes, smartphone users can gain access to a vast selection of ebooks. In fact, the collection currently sits at about 34,000 titles. They include a large number of different types of book, including many classic works, such as “Great Expectations,” “The Wizard of Oz,” and “Moby Dick.”

McElrath pointed out that this contest is only one of several ways that these digital services are being highlighted.

She stated that “We’re going to be using more QR codes to be delivering services for our customers.” Though the barcodes can be scanned by anyone, the contest is available only to card holders. It includes a form with the quick response barcodes, as well as eight questions to be answered.

Each question has its own corresponding library QR codes to provide added information about how to answer and the correct response. This contest will continue through September 15.

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