LevelUp aims to make mobile payments more accessible to developers

QR Codes mobile payments

App developers could introduce mobile payments into their applications with LevelUp SDK

Mobile payments firm LevelUp has launched its LevelUp Software Development Kit, which is designed to allow developers to accept mobile payments through their applications. The vast majority of applications are available at a very low price and many developers rely on in-app purchases in order to generate a profit from their creations. Without the ability to accommodate mobile payments, many of these applications struggle to produce any significant revenue, which is a problem that LevelUp is aiming to solve.

SDK supports QR codes

Using the firm’s SDK, developers will be able to implement payment specific functions into new and existing applications. The SDK utilizes QR codes to facilitate mobile payments, giving consumers and easy way to authenticate a transaction and keep track of the payments they make. The SDK also allows developers to give their applications the ability to scan QR codes, adding value to applications and giving consumers a way to interact with codes they may find in public or elsewhere.


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QR Code mobile paymentsMobile payments are gaining momentum

Mobile payments are becoming more common, especially among young consumers. Because of this, many developers have been working to establish a presence in the mobile commerce space, offering platforms to consumers interesting in using their mobile device to pay for everything. There are a wide variety of mobile commerce platforms available to consumers today and it can be a major challenge for developers to stand out from among the competition. The LevelUp SDK may provide developers with a chance to engage consumers in a more significant way.

SDK available for beta partners

Currently, the LevelUp SDK is only available for a small group of developers, as the platform is still in its beta testing phase. The firm expects to expand the availability of its SDK in the near future. The features offered through the SDK may change depending on the feedback provided by beta partners, but the core features of the SDK are likely to remain the same for the foreseeable future.

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