Lenovo smart shoe works as mobile game controller and fitness tracker

lenovo smart shoe

The company has worked in partnership with Vibram to create a new form of wearable technology.

A new type of wearable tech has now found its way in the spotlight in the form of the Lenovo smart shoe, which has been designed to work not only as a type of activity tracker, but also as a mobile game controller.

These wearables can count the number of steps a wearer takes while estimating the number of calories burned.

The Lenovo smart shoe made its first appearance in San Francisco at the company’s Tech World conference. The wearable technology was unveiled with the announcement that it was constructed in collaboration with Vibram, the outsole maker. These wearables run on an Intel Curie chip and are capable of performing a broad range of the various types of functions that most people would expect from the standard fitness band or activity tracker. They work as a pedometer and count calories, though there is no heart rate monitor at the moment.

The Lenovo smart shoe is the result of a partnership that had been in the making for over a year.

These wearables now exist in the form of a fully functioning prototype. That said, they remain a proof of concept mobile device and have not yet graduated to the level where consumers will be able to actually purchase them. That said, they do appear to be headed in that direction. They are designed to look as though they are a form of high tech athletic shoe, despite the fact that they have been upgraded with tracking chips to provide the wearer with feedback about his or her activities.

The insoles for the shoes are completely customizable through 3D printing and the bottom of the shoe lights up as the wearer moves. Moreover, they are also designed to function with wireless charging if they are stored on a shoe-sized charging panel.

While those features may make the Lenovo smart shoe look as though it is nothing more than a typical fitness tracker that is worn on the feet, what makes these wearables stand out – so to speak – is the fact that they can also be used to play games. Lenovo has made it possible to use this wearable technology in conjunction with an endless mobile game in the runner-style. The shoes become the controllers as the wearer steps back and forth to change the movements of the character in the game.

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