Layar announced worldwide launch of Stiktu augmented reality application

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Stiktu now available around the globe

Last year, Layar, a developer of augmented reality applications, executed a small-scale launch of their Stiktu application in Europe. The app went live in nine European countries, where it was praised for its social networking capabilities. The augmented reality application was designed with interactivity in mind. Using the app, consumers could create their own augmented reality content and associate this content with others by embedding it in the real world. Layar believes that the small-scale launch was a resounding success and has now announced that Stiktu is available worldwide.

Layar takes note of demand for augmented reality applications

The demand for augmented reality applications has been on the rise recently as more consumers become enthralled with the interactive technology. Augmented reality has managed to capture the interest of consumers because of its ability to change the physical world, enhancing it through the use of digital imagery or access to information. The technology has become a popular tool in the world of entertainment. Indeed, the technology is becoming more widely used in the game industry than in any other. Layar believes that augmented reality could be a powerful social networking and connectivity tool.


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Users able to create their own digital content with Stiktu

The Stiktu augmented reality application allows used to make their own digital content and apply this content to the world around them. Other Stiktu users can access this content and their smart phones or other mobile devices will alert them when they enter an area that has been embedded with augmented reality content. The content that users can make through the application is limited only in terms of the tools that are made available by Layar.

Stiktu available for iOS and Android mobile devices

The augmented reality application is available for both iOS and Android platforms, allowing a wide range of consumers to make use of Stiktu. Layar believes that it will see a dramatic rise in the amount of real-world environments that are augmented now that the application is available worldwide.

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