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eBay announced that it is joining with Comcast to let viewers make donations and purchases.

TV commerce, like the new television season, is starting this fall, as eBay announces the PayPal news that it is working with Comcast to allow TiVo owners to use their remotes to make donations and purchase products they see on television sets.

All viewers will need to do is click their remotes to purchase products seen in commercials.

According to Scott Dunlap, the vice president of PayPal, these viewers will also be able to make donations to charities and political campaigns and request a text message from advertisers to be received on their mobile phones. Furthermore, these TiVo using consumers will also be able to obtain virtual coupons so that they can redeem them using PayPal at various stores, including Home Depot.

These discount offers are an element of the online payment company’s strategy to boost revenue.

It is aiming to be able to provide its payment services through a growing range of different devices. It is already reporting, says Dunlap, that one out of every three purchases made over mobile phones are powered by PayPal, as well as one out of every five in e-commerce.


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Dunlap explained that “We think television is the next big one coming down the pike.” He also stated that the company feels that they will have processed approximately $7 billion this year in mobile payments.

TV commerce is the newest technology trying to take advantage of the fact that the average American will watch more than 34 hours of television every week (says Nielsen data). PayPal news has shown that its own surveys have indicated that among subscribers to cable services, approximately 49 percent are open to the concept of purchasing products or services through their televisions.

The latest PayPal news statistics have shown that there are almost 110 million active accounts with that service. It will make money from TV commerce through transaction fees. According to Dunlap, the partners in this venture, Comcast and TiVo, may also be able to increase their ad rates when the advertisers opt to use this additional technology, or they may also charge transaction fees.


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