Latest iOS update brings Apple Music launch

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At the very end of June, Apple brought its much awaited subscription music service to consumers.

The maker of the iPhone took the opportunity to combine the most recent update of its iOS operating system with the launch of its much anticipated Apple Music subscription service, as of Tuesday.

The users of this subscription music service will be able to purchase and download any of approximately 30 million songs.

At the same time, the users of Apple Music will also be able to tune in and listen to the new Beats1 online radio station from the tech brand. The rollout of the service will occur as follows. The update of the operating system was able to begin on iPhones and iPads as of Tuesday. At that time, it became possible to download and install the mobile app for the service at the same time that the operating system settings were updated.

That said, the Apple Music service for Mac OS and Windows users has to be downloaded by way of iTunes.

iphone 6 apple music pay qr codesThe service was made available there on Tuesday, as well. For those who have the Mac OS and Windows operating systems and who want iTunes so that they will be able to download the music service, they will need to obtain iTunes from the official Apple website.

For Apple TV users, there will be a slight delay before the appropriate update will be available through that service. It is expected to become available later on, this year, however, so they will not be excluded from being able to use it.

For Android users, however, the service has not yet been made available. Although the iPhone maker has stated that it will create a dedicated Android app for it, there will still be quite a wait before that can happen. It is expected that the Android app for the Apple service won’t actually become available until sometime in the fall, at the earliest.

That said, once that Android application for the Apple Music service does become available, it will represent a very important milestone as it will be the first full mobile app that Apple has ever made specifically for devices that run on Google’s mobile operating system.

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