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The social network has announced the deployment of Bango technology.

The most recent Facebook news, the social network giant has announced that it is boosting its technology offerings, as it releases the information regarding the deployment of technology from Bango and launches its new App Center.

Bango has provided the king of social networking with the ability to use mobile commerce.

It had already signed an agreement with the company back in February, for providing payments services to Facebook, but the social network has now stated that the services are now becoming available to its developers as an element of its mobile payments flow improvements.

It released a statement that said “At Mobile World Congress this year we announced an improved mobile payments flow for mobile web apps. Today we are starting to roll it out. This low friction (two steps) carrier billing is now available on the majority of carriers in the US and the UK and will be rolled out to additional operators worldwide.”


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Although Bango has already stated that this new implementation will be a tremendous boost for the company, it has also expressed that it remains far too early to be able to predict how much additional business it will see.

Bango’s services allow companies of all shapes and sizes to be able to receive mobile payments for music, games, apps, and other virtual goods and services that are sold online. It offers a number of different billing methods, such as credit cards or charging a purchase to the phone bill for the customer’s mobile service.

In other Facebook news, the company has announced that it has now launched its App Center, which functions as a marketplace for mobile applications. According to Malorie Lucich, the platform communications manager, the social network is concentrating on being able to place the right apps in front of the individuals who will find them the most appealing and relevant. This allows developers to place more of their own time and focus on creating superior applications instead of having to concentrate on distribution issues. Users will now be able to access both Facebook and other third party apps with this new feature.


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