Lack of Strategy Slows Down Mobile Marketing Growth and Restrains Program Effectiveness

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There have been rumblings within the marketing profession for a number of years as to how important mobile marketing will be for businesses. Clearly it is widely known that an ever growing number of people are using their phones for more than just making calls with approximately 40% of people in the US owning a smartphone with this increasing to 50% in the UK. These people are using their phones to check emails, check Facebook, and surf the internet, so it makes sense for marketers to specifically target this market and to look at ways to get their message out there.

However, partly due to the fact that only 25% of the total internet usage comes from mobiles compared to the belief that it would overtake traditional usage by 2014, it is fair to say that the growth of mobile marketing has been slower on the uptake. The reason? A lack of a clear strategy as to how to best use this new marketing tool resulting in problems developing that have then led to it not being as effective as it should be.

So why is this case? What has gone wrong?Mobile Marketing

One theory as to why this is the case is actually due to the number of ways in which a company can use mobile marketing in order to talk to their target market. People look at email marketing, SMS, apps, web pages, and even location based services and this number will only increase as phones become more technologically advanced and capable of doing more things. We then run into the problem of referring to everything as mobile and try to create a strategy that is all encompassing when you simply cannot do this.

The result is that the strategy that is used is often just created on the spot and it is either too wide ranging or in some cases is simply not flexible enough to cope with all of the things you can possibly do with a mobile phone. Instead, for mobile marketing to work, it requires marketers to come up with individual strategies for the likes of SMS, or another strategy for apps. The strategy has to look at the aims of the approach and the market it is intended for and to understand what they would want to get out of it themselves.

Marketers have to understand how sending an SMS is completely different to pushing your message out there via mobile-enabled web pages or social media platforms and the people that use them will also be different. The fact that we are guilty of throwing everything under the one “mobile marketing” banner means that we are using methods and techniques that actually work against one another resulting in it not being as effective as it should be.

By confusing the issue, and treating everything as being the same, the effectiveness of mobile marketing has been affected. We need a clear idea as to how every aspect works and treats every single part on its own and only then will we see progress.

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