Korean company builds a QR code out of chocolate blocks

Chocolate QR Code

In the world of mobile marketing, few tools are as versatile as the QR code. The codes are most often generated digitally. On rare occasions, however, a company takes matters into their own hands and creates codes with physical materials. Such is the case with Lock&Lock, the world’s leading producer of plastic food storage containers. The Korean-based company is well known for their products and their knack for consumer interaction and customer loyalty. Because of this, adopting QR codes seems to be no surprise, but the company was not content with generating codes electronically.


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Lock&Lock have created a QR code made completely from tiny blocks of chocolate. The code is featured in a video recently posted on their YouTube channel. The video shows the construction of the code, which started out as a solid mass of chocolate blocks. Two workers then use chopsticks to subtract blocks from the giant square to form the pattern of the code. The chocolate QR code is fully functional and, when scanned, resolves to the company’s mobile website where customers can find deals and special offers.

This is not the first time a company has taken to forming a code out of candy. In February of last year, SET Japan, crafters of designer QR codes, made a code comprised of Frisk Mints, a popular mint candy in Japan. There have also been several Japanese chocolatiers that have crafted codes in a similar fashion.

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