Kenya to use mhealth to boost healthcare

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Margaret Kenyatta, the first lady of the country, has rolled out the Sema-Doc Tele-Medicine Healthcare Solution.

The first lady of Kenya, Margaret Kenyatta, has now officially launched an mhealth program called the Sema-Doc Tele-Medicine Healthcare Solution, which is centered around a mobile app that has been designed to boost the accessibility of healthcare throughout the country.

The point of this mobile app is to provide a direct connection between patients and healthcare providers.

The east African country has been making a concerted effort to improve its healthcare availability, and access has been a vital component of that strategy. According to Kenyatta, during the Nairobi launch of the new mhealth program, “The Sema-Doc healthcare system will enable patients to interact directly with doctors and other medical staff in their hospitals and clinics, be diagnosed more quickly and treated in their communities, villages and towns.”

The mhealth program is officially known as the Sema-Doc app, but it is recognized as Hello Doctor.

mobile health technology mhealth program AfricaUsers of this mobile health app will be able to gain access to doctors, hospitals, and other parts of the healthcare system, but they can also receive important tips on the ways in which they can enhance their own health management. Kenyatta explained that “These health tips will include public education on the need for physical activity and change of diets to incorporate traditional food stuffs.”

Subscribers to the service are provided with access to medical professionals every day, at any time, through the use of their mobile phones. By using mobile technology in this way, Kenyatta is hopeful that it will ensure that everybody across the country will be able to successfully access healthcare services whenever they need them.

Mobile health and technology have been changing the experience of people in Kenya and many other countries in Africa in a number of ways. While this program may be altering the experience of healthcare access, other areas that have been highly successful within this region include mobile payments and wallets, as well as a number of different types of commerce systems. Mobile devices have been particularly vital in expanding access to various kinds of services to people outside of urbanized areas.

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