Flowcode uses Jennifer Lopez QR codes to draw scanners and shoppers

Jennifer Lopez QR codes - JLO BEAUTY - Jennifer Lopez - YouTube

The brand is hoping to modernize the barcode and help JLo Beauty to take off.

Jennifer Lopez QR codes generated by Flowcode are being used to give both the barcode and the singer’s new beauty brand a meaningful boost.

Flowcode is a platform founded by Tim Armstrong, the former CEO of AOL.

The performer recently cut a deal with Flowcode to use the system for updated looking Jennifer Lopez QR codes that will help promote her skincare line. This got started with a barcode embedded into a massive advertisement splashed across the full length of a New York City subway.

“Jennifer Lopez is a global influencer and globally trusted brand on the cutting edge of the direct-to-consumer revolution,” explained Armstrong when he spoke at the subway ad campaign’s unveiling event. “Flowcode is partnering with [her] to directly connect JLo Beauty to her 100 million-plus fans and the hundreds of millions of consumers who love next-generation beauty products and content.”

Flowcode’s Jennifer Lopez QR codes send scanners to the JLo Beauty Flowpage experience.

The Flowpage acts as a portal for the performer’s skin car products including a facial cleanser, moisturizer and others.

JLo is only one of a number of stars who have signed a deal with Flowcode. The New York City-based start-up is only a year old, but it has ambitious goals for upgrading the entire quick response code experience.

“We’re taking a new approach to what is relatively older technology,” said the Flowcode chief revenue officer Jim Norton. “Think of this as next-generation QR code technology.”

One way that Flowcode has taken steps away from the traditional square black and white pixelated appearance of the barcode is by offering its celebrity clients code designs that include options such as integration of the celeb’s brand’s color scheme and even the logo.

Norton explained that by making the barcodes more appealing as they did with the Jennifer Lopez QR codes, Flowcode is working to become an “offline-to-online platform”. He also referred to this experience as being a “conduit” between real life and the brand’s digital form.

Jennifer Lopez QR codes - JLO BEAUTY - Jennifer Lopez - YouTube“In a real-life environment, it’s pretty clunky to connect with a brand,” said Norton. “You have to type a long URL into a browser or dial an 800 number or go to a brand’s social channel.”

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