Isis poised for summer release

isis mobile wallet

isis mobile wallet

Isis announced that it will debut at some point during the summer season

Isis, a mobile commerce joint venture from AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile, has managed to attract the support of the world’s major financial institutions. Isis is a mobile payment platform that will enable consumers to make purchases for goods and services using their smart phones and other such mobile devices. As with others in its industry, Isis relies on the use of NFC technology in order to facilitate mobile transactions. Though the platform is not yet available, it has managed to attract the support and interest of consumers all over the world. These consumers may soon be able to get their hands on the platform, however, as Isis has announced that it is preparing for a summer release.

Isis releases series of educational videos

Isis is poised to debut sometime this summer. Though the company has not yet released a specific launch date, it has begun taking steps to ensure that people will have no problem using its mobile commerce platform. Isis has begun releasing videos concerning its platform, the first of which debuted in March of this year. These videos are designed to give consumers a basic knowledge of how Isis will work and introduce them to the concept of mobile commerce and NFC technology.


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Videos aim to teach consumers about the platform and mobile commerce

The videos are detailed, meant to elaborate on the various ways Isis will be able to facilitate mobile transactions and its place in the mobile commerce industry. Isis has seen the problems that other mobile commerce platforms have experience in the past and is not inclined to follow suit. Thus, the company has embarked on a mission to educate consumers on how the platform will be used and what they can expect for the future of Isis.

Information may be key to the success of Isis

The videos cover a wide range of topics concerning mobile security, transactions, and how NFC technology works. The frequency of the videos suggests that Isis is planning to release within the coming months. The company has confirmed that summer is the season for the release of its platform, but has yet to announce further information regarding its launch.

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