iPhone mobile commerce app from Dinamundo released

QR Codes Scanner App

QR Code Scanner App

Encourages smartphone users to check in with their friends using a social media app.

Dinamundo has just released its latest mobile commerce social media app, which is encouraging users to make more face to face connections, instead of the more typical efforts to connect with locations.

These real world links come with a reward of comedy for smartphone owners.

Eric Blanchford, known as the former CEO of Expedia, is the founder of Dinamundo, and this new QR code scanner app has now been launched through the funding of premier early stage venture capital firm, True Ventures.

This user friendly social media app is free to both download and use on an iPhone.

It works when those with the QR code app ask their friends to scan their custom Dinamundo barcode in order to be able to unlock an amusing “fortune cookie” that can then be read. The favor can then be returned so that the friend can have his or her funny reward, as well. Every scan generates a new funny fortune.

The fortunes from these virtual cookies are all written by professional comedians, such as “All My Friends Are Dead” co-author, Avery Monsen, and the 2011 Comedy Central Comic to Watch, Sam Morril.


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According to Blanchford, “Everyone talks about unplugging, but very few of us are able to follow through. So instead of asking people to pretend they’re unplugged, why not find a way to use smartphones to enhance real-world connections? That’s the core concept behind Dinamundo. It’s about checking in to friends, not just places.”

This social media app also includes an activity tab with a “Players Near Me” section. This lets other iPhone owners with the application to find one another so that they will be able to meet up and unlock new fortunes. There is also a feature that allows these amusing quips to be posted on a user’s Facebook profile, as well as a tool that allows them to track the friends with whom the fortunes have already been exchanged (called “doing the Mundo”).

This new angle to mobile commerce combines the social with popular barcode technology, encouraging increased consumer engagement.

For more information: www.dinamundo.com


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