iPhone 5 may have a powerful impact on the mobile industry

iphone 5

iphone 5

NFC capabilities of the iPhone 5 draw more attention to the mobile commerce industry

Last month, Apple released a small number of prototype iPhone 5 devices for the sake of testing the future product’s engineering. Those fortunate enough to get their hands on the prototype versions of the mobile device found that it included NFC technology, such as an antenna and NFC chip. This led to rampant speculation over the capabilities of the anticipated mobile device, particularly in the realm of mobile commerce. A new report from M for Mobile, a news and research outlet for the mobile industry, estimates that the mobile device could have a profound impact on the mobile industry as a whole.

Report shows many consumers are willing to make use of NFC payment systems

The report, titled Near Field Communication Payments Report, draws upon information garnered from a survey of over 3,000 consumers in the UK and U.S. According to this data, some 37% of consumers claimed they needed more information on NFC technology before making use of it. More than half, however, said that they would be willing to link their primary banking accounts to NFC payment accounts if given the option or if offered some form of incentive. The report suggests that consumers’ opinion concerning NFC technology and mobile commerce is currently favorable.


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iPhone 5 could increase the adoption of mobile commerce, according to industry executives

M for Mobile’s report also highlights information collected from leaders in the mobile industry. The report shows that 75% of industry executives expect the new iPhone 5 to increase the adoption of NFC technology amongst consumers exponentially. This heightened adoption is expected to open the way for new mobile commerce systems and provide further momentum behind the growth of the mobile commerce industry around the world.

Apple has yet to confirm the inclusion of NFC technology with iPhone 5

Concerns for security are still serious, but consumers are beginning to show much more interest in adopting NFC technology and mobile commerce. Apple has yet to affirm speculations that there will be any NFC features included in the iPhone 5.

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