iPhone 5 may be approaching final stages of production

iphone 5

iphone 5

Speculation abounds concerning the release of the iPhone 5

There is speculation in the technology world that suggests that Apple’s iPhone 5 has entered the final stages of production. Proof of concept prototypes of the highly anticipated mobile device were released recently, which hinted at the capabilities of the upcoming mobile device but did little to suggest the device’s release date. Though the speculation has begun to run rampant throughout the technology world, Apple has not confirmed that the iPhone 5 is nearing the final stages of production.

Past iPhones put through numerous stages of development

Apple is known for putting its iPhone mobile devices through several stages of development. It is believed that the iPhone 5 is currently in the EVT3 stage, which is the third iteration of the engineering process through which a number of mechanical issues will be addressed. The prototypes for the engineering phase were released recently, which lends credence to the possibility that the iPhone 5 is still well within the EVT3 stage. Given the timetable of the development stages of past iPhones, final production of the iPhone 5 could begin as early as fall.


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iPhone 5 to include more RAM and NFC technology

The iPhone 5 is expected to be Apple’s most powerful mobile device yet. The smart phone will be equipped with 1 gigabyte of RAM, allowing it to operate some of the most demanding and computations in the mobile world. The device will also feature NFC technology, which will enable it to serve as a mobile payment device. The iPhone 5 will also be able to interact with other technologies and services that make use of NFC.

Apple may release iPhone 5 by October of this year

If final production of the iPhone 5 begins in the fall of this year, the mobile device may be released to the commercial market by September or October. Apple has not shown any signs of hastening the release of the iPhone 5 and may be working to ensure that the device’s use of NFC technology is secure and free of any significant problems.

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