iPhone 5 equipped with NFC technology

iphone 5

iphone 5

Apple’s latest prototypes show NFC capabilities

Apple has begun testing prototypes for the next generation of its popular iPhone. The iPhone 5 is expected to include a number of alluring features meant to provide consumers with a memorable experience. None of these features have managed to attract more attention that the mobile device’s alleged NFC capabilities. A number of Apple patents have hinted toward the inclusion of NFC technology in upcoming iPhone 5, Apple has been secretive on its intentions with the technology. Code taken from the prototype models of the iPhone 5 may have let the cat out of the bag, so to speak.

NFC technology uncovered by intrepid investigators

9to5mac, a website devoted to everything Apple, has been experimenting with physical prototypes of the new iPhone 5. The site has detailed a number of features it has discovered through its investigation of the devices hardware and has found that the iPhone prototypes are indeed equipped with NFC antennas and chips. The phone’s programming infrastructure is also built to facilitate the use of NFC technology and mobile commerce applications. It would seem that Apple is preparing to compete with both Google and Microsoft for superiority in the mobile commerce industry.


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Apple could be poised to push the boundaries of NFC technology

NFC technology has long been a subject of interest for many companies and consumers around the world. Only recently has it begun to generate a great deal of attention through its association with mobile commerce. The technology is capable of transforming nearly any mobile device into a mobile payment platform, allowing consumers to make purchases of goods and services without the use of physical currency. Apple has been taken with the notion of mobile commerce but this will not be the sole purpose of the companies NFC technology.

No guarantee that NFC technology will be included in final version of iPhone 5

The latest iPhone 5 prototypes are early stage models meant to prove that the engineering methods used to create the device are sound. Whether the final product will include NFC technology of any kind has yet to be seen. Though Apple has shown interest in the technology, there is no guarantee that it will be inclined to include NFC technology in the final, commercial version of the iPhone 5.

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