iOptik hints at the future of augmented reality

Augmented Reality contact lens

Augmented Reality contact lens

Technology beginning to expand beyond the mobile space

Augmented reality has caused quite a stir in the technology world. The technology has all but changed the way people interact with their environment, a fact that has garnered the technology a great deal of attention from consumers and businesses alike. With demand on the rise, augmented reality has seen several advances that make it more intuitive and powerful. These advances are beginning to change what the future may hold for the technology, pushing it beyond the realm of smart phones and other mobile devices.

iOptik lenses to seamlessly blend reality and digital content

Innovega, a developer of high-tech wearable products, believes that augmented reality could have a future were humans are a platform rather than mobile devices. The company is currently developing augmented reality contact lenses called iOptik. These lenses are small, yet powerful augmented reality systems that provide users with access to a wide range of digital content. iOptik is designed to enhance a user’s vision through this content, providing them with an avenue through which to enter the world of virtual reality.

Users to be able to browse the Internet with their eyes rather than their hands

iOptik makes use of nanotechnology to combine the real world with the powerful and abundant resources found in the Internet. Users will be able to access these resources in the form of digital displays that are beamed into the retina. The lenses are accompanies with a pair of augmented reality glasses that are meant to expound upon the experience of a user. The iOptik lenses, however, are the core of Innovega’s augmented reality system.

iOptik could be a precursor for augmented reality implants

Innovega is one of the very few companies that are currently working on augmented reality contact lenses. The company has made significant progress in its development of the technology and believes that iOptik could change the way people see and interact with the world around them. The company’s augmented reality technology may serve as a foundation for future projects, such as high-tech implants that will integrate people into the digital world.

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