Interesting and innovative forms of QR code marketing

Unique QR Codes

Unique QR Codes

Unique QR codes are popping up all over the place.

With the growing popularity of two dimensional barcodes to be scanned by mobile devices, QR code marketing is beginning to pop up everywhere we look.

For example, Zeodia is now using the scans to help to play videos and slide shows that are available on any hard copy. This video creation technology utilizes the bar codes on a new form of advertising effort through visual displays of brands and products that include engaging videos, which can provided a great deal more information to a consumer without being limited by the length of an article. This way, the reader of a magazine can view an entire slideshow which is accessible through the small square printed on the page.

But these unique QR codes aren’t limited to magazines. They’re helping with practical communication, too.

Smartphones can now be used for sharing maps through the use of these quick response codes. For this use, an ad, product label or any other form of print material can be scanned in order to share a digital map that can be either purchased or downloaded for free at the Avenza Map Store, so that a consumer can, for example, find their way to an event or a store location.

The map can first be examined and browsed before the smartphone owner decides whether or not it should be purchased. Scanning the code brings the device user to an Avenza PDF Maps app through which the maps can be stored and accessed, and additional ones can be purchased or downloaded.

Even graduates are donning unique QR codes on their graduation days!

For instance, one graduate named Amanda Jonovski decided that this technology, located on top of her mortarboard would be a fantastic way to help to find work now that she was leaving school. This Notre Dame graphic design major used the barcode and the words “HIRE ME” on her graduation cap. When scanned, the mobile device user was automatically redirected to the graduate’s online portfolio.

It seems that QR code marketing has taken off substantially with smartphone penetration, and with the creativity of the individuals who use it, there is no limit to the interesting ways in which it can be used.


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