Interactive technology comes to the world of banking

Interactive technology

Firm develops interactive technology project that makes use of augmented reality

The demand for interactive technology is beginning to permeate into the world of commerce. YDreams, a design and technology firm, has taken note of the rising demand coming from tech-savvy consumers and has developed a new banking system that makes use of augmented reality. The system was commissioned by Banco Bradesco, Brazil’s largest banking and financial services company. The system, called Bradesco Next, is currently installed at the JK Iguatemi shopping center in Sao Paulo.

YDreams shows off the capabilities of interactive technology

The system exists as a sort of exhibition as to what could be possible through the use of interactive technology. YDreams has fashioned a variety of features that the system leverages to provide service to customers. The firm’s goal is to use the system to create an environment where interactive technology is capable of accommodating the needs of consumers. This is to be accomplished through the use of technologies like augmented reality and biometrics. YDreams claims that the project is the first of its kind in the world and will surpass the expectations that have been levied against it.

Project incorporates augmented reality as well as others

The project is designed to be visually and technologically appealing. Augmented reality is used to enhance displays and provide consumers with digital content. The technology is often used in the fields of marketing and entertainment. It has recently begun to extend beyond the boundaries of the industries and enter into others that have, traditionally, made modest use of interactive technology. YDreams believes augmented reality could be a valuable additional to the banking sector as it would provide consumers with services that are more tailored for their individual preferences.

Interactive technology may prove popular amongst banks

Those visiting the Bradesco Next project in Sao Paulo have reported favorable experiences. YDreams has managed to find a way to incorporate interactive technology in a way that may not be daunting for consumers. Whether the project will ever make its way beyond its current phase is unknown, but the implications of using interactive technology in banking may prove popular within the industry.

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