Intel to release new NFC-enabled “ultrabook” laptops by the end of the year

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Intel Ultrabook NFC
Technology giant Intel has announced a new line of portable computers called “ultrabooks.” The company has begun feeling pressure from competitor Apple in the laptop market, which has grown in the past few years as more consumers begin to show signs of favoring mobility over anything else. Intel’s ultrabooks are designed to be high-performance machines that are durable and house some of the best features Intel has to offer. Many of these features are quite impressive, but Intel’s most innovative addition to the ultrabooks is an NFC chip that will allow the computers to interact with each other.

Intel has been developing NFC chips for the past several years and has now reached the point of releasing them to the market. The chips will allow computers to communicate with each other without having to connect via wires or Bluetooth. The chip will increase the speed of data transfers and allow consumers to make use of a myriad of other features built specifically for NFC technology.


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Intel made the announcement during a press conference prior to the Consumer Electronics Show this week. According to the company, there are more than 75 ultrabook designs it plans to show off at the event. These new computers are expected to enter the market toward the end of this year, in time for the holiday season. The company plans to continue pursuing NFC technology whether consumers show favor or not.

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