Intel sets sights on mobile security

Intel Mobile Security

Security is growing as a priority for businesses and consumers alike

Mobile security is becoming a priority for many technology companies. More people are beginning to use their mobile devices for more than just communication and many of these people are using their smartphones and tablets for job-related activates. This could present a serious problem for businesses, especially because many people do not have adequate security software installed on their devices. Intel has taken the issue to heart and is one of the companies that is working to promote mobile security more aggressively.

The technology giant has dropped the McAfee name as it moves to form a more brand-align security outfit. During this year’s Consumer Electronic Show, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich announced that the new brand, called Intel Security, aims to make a major impact on the field of mobile security. In order to establish a stronger presence in the security field, Intel Security will be giving away free mobile software designed to make a device more secure against exploitation.Intel Mobile Security


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Businesses face serious threats when it comes to lackluster security

Businesses are beginning to take mobile security quite seriously, especially after the security blunders of 2013. Data breaches and information theft cost businesses dearly last year and not only because their security shortfalls put consumers at risk. Insurance companies consider cyber attacks to be a serious liability and those that fall victim to these attacks often face a serious backlash from their insurance provider. While insurance policies protecting against cyber attacks can cover the financial damage done to businesses, insurers offering these policies must also recoup their losses, which often means higher rates for the businesses that are being protected.

Intel is set to phase out the McAfee brand throughout 2014 in favor of its Intel Security brand. The company is highlighting the importance of security software, especially for mobile devices, as hackers and malicious groups are beginning to target the mobile space more aggressively. Unprotected devices could be at risk of exploitation and if these devices are connected to a business in some way, the liability they face could be astronomical.

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