Instagram Practice Mode lets creators get it right before going live

Instagram Practice Mode - Instagram live

The social media platform has also added a scheduling option for users to generate hype.

New scheduling and Instagram Practice Mode tools have been announced as the social media platform works to address Live creator needs more effectively and efficiently.

The goal is to let creators generate a buzz to draw more attention to their upcoming Live.

Creators will be able to schedule a Live up to ninety days in advance to draw more attention. Moreover, that scheduled Live can then be shared across the platform to be sure their fans are notified that it’s coming up.

Beyond that, creators will also soon be able to access Instagram Practice Mode. That tool will make it possible for creators to be able to join guests before the scheduled events begin. This lets creators and their Live guests join up and test their lighting, connection and other technical components. By being able to do this pre-show, they can be assured a smoother experience once they have an audience.

Instagram Practice Mode - Person using Instagram

Creators have been asking for Instagram Practice Mode for some time now, according to the platform.

Creators have wanted to be able to use a few moments ahead of time to be sure that all their equipment and other pre-show details are sorted out before things go live. This makes it possible to focus on the Live itself when it happens, instead of discovering that something isn’t working and having to deal with it while the audience watches – or tries to.

Being able to schedule Live videos may allow the platform to catch up to other live options such as YouTube and TikTok, and even Facebook, Instagram’s parent company. YouTube has long offered additional tools that let its creators schedule their livestreams ahead of time so that they have the chance to promote them and draw viewers. That capability was expanded in 2018, when creators could use the Premieres feature to schedule their pre-recorded videos ahead of time. In 2020, pre-show options were also added. Facebook Live has offered this type of tool for many years.

Instagram Practice Mode hasn’t necessarily offered anything revolutionary but is addressing a creator need that other platforms have provided for some time.

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