Instagram auto-captions roll out for stories

instagram new feature

The feature provides users with a blue “Captions” option when recording a video or adding a gallery clip.

Users recording a video using the Stories camera or uploading a gallery clip they have already saved can soon use the Instagram auto-captions option.

The feature is being rolled out to Reels and will be used by simply selection the “Captions” option.

The Instagram auto-captions feature has been expected for some time now. The accessibility feature is designed to make it easier for people who are hard of hearing or deaf to use the platform, just like muting the phone for engaging with additional content. The blue captions option automatically converts speech in the video into text.

The new option also makes it possible for users to be able to edit the position, style, and color of the dialog captioning. Once it is complete, the words are displayed in the video for viewers to read along with the dialog. At the moment, it isn’t possible to improve the contrast by highlighting the text. Moreover, the function has a limited number of font types. That said, the words are fully editable. Moreover, any spelling or ungrammatical errors can be easily tapped to make a correction.

The Instagram auto-captions feature is ideal for those who struggle to hear or whose phones are muted.

“You may not always be somewhere where you want your sound on, yet you still want to see what your friends and creators are posting,” said the company in a statement CNET published. “With captions, people can now express themselves in a more effortless yet still meaningful way, and their audiences can watch and still engage.”

At first launch, the Instagram auto-captions feature is available only for a “handful” of Stories users and is exclusive to those in English-speaking countries. That said, Instagram auto-captions - person using Instagram on phonethe platform intends to expand to a larger number of users, countries, and languages in the near future. It also plans to start testing quick-hit video maker Reels captions. The platform has previously enabled IGTV subtitles, but this is the first time they have been made available in Stories and Reels.

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