Innovega pushing the boundaries of augmented reality

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Innovega could deliver on promise made by Google

The hype surrounding augmented reality has yet to die down, at least in regards to the technology’s use in applications and for entertainment. Wearable augmented reality systems, on the other hand, have lost some of the appeal they had with consumers in early 2012. Google’s Project Glass has gone from augmented reality champion to perhaps not supporting the interactive technology at all. While Google’s apparent misstep with augmented reality may have burned some consumers, technology startup Innovega believes it can deliver on Google’s promises.

iOptik continues to generate buzz

Innovega has made headlines in the past with its innovative iOptik project. iOptik is an optical lens designed for the human eye, very similar to widely used contact lenses. What is truly remarkable about the lens is that it is equipped with augmented reality technology. The lens allows people to see the world enhanced through digital information and displays. Despite the criticism surrounding augmented reality glasses, Innovega is committed to pushing forward with its innovative and ambitious project.

DARPA assists in development of Innovega projectAugmented Reality Glasses

Innovga may be one of the few companies in the world that can make Google’s view of augmented reality possible. The company boasts of powerful technology that has enabled it to make significant leaps in its given field. Innovega is also working with The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), which is well known for its extreme focus on advanced technologies. Together, the two parties are working to develop a wearable prototype of the iOptik system, which is expected to be made available by September this year. Innovega has tentative plans to introduce iOptik to the commercial market in 2015.

Company could change the augmented reality field

Innovega may soon change the way augmented reality is perceived. The company is committed to developing a system and interface that allows high levels of functionality for its users without restricting their view of the real world. If Innovega can do this successfully, it may be the first company to introduce a viable wearable augmented reality system.

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