Infinity Augmented Reality praises Google Glass

Google Glass Augmented Reality

Company expects that Glass will dominate the market at launch

Infinity Augmented Reality, an augmented reality firm based in Israel, believes that Google Glass will be a dominating force in the AR market when it is released. Google Glass does not have an established release date as of yet, but the product has managed to generate a significant amount of hype throughout its development. Glass is Google’s attempt to integrate technology ever further in to the lives of people around the world and these high-tech glasses leverage augmented reality technology to accomplish this goal.

Firms may have a shallow focus when it comes to AR

Google Augmented Reality GlassesAccording to Infinity Augmented Reality, most technology firms developing AR products focus solely on the visual capabilities of the technology. As such, AR applications and wearable devices that use the technology leverage augmented reality for entertainment purposes. Glass, however, seeks to use AR as a tool for daily life, allowing users to use the technology for social media and real-world interaction, as well as entertainment. Google’s pedigree and strong following among consumers may ensure that Glass is a successful product when it is finally launched.

Infinity AR shows off its own pair of glasses

While Glass may dominate the market in the near future, other augmented reality glasses are being developed by different companies, such as Infinity Augmented Reality. Infinity has released a concept video showcasing what its own pair of AR glasses will be capable of. The video is similar to the one Google published regarding Glass and, as such, Infinity’s own product will likely be subject to changes that will not incorporate some of the concepts shown in its video.

Glasses seek to make AR more practical

Infinity’s glasses are billed to take the integration of augmented reality in daily life to a new level. The video shows off how AR can be used while driving and other daily activities. The video also suggests that the glasses can change a person’s perception of the world around them, while exercising for example. The glasses also feature social media functions that are likely to put it on par with Google Glass.

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