Is Indian iPhone manufacturing coming soon?

Apple iPhone X

As President Trump tries to return manufacturing jobs to the United States, Apple may have other plans.

Apple execs have been meeting with officials from the Indian government regarding iPhone manufacturing in the country. The company appears to be considering India as a new possible location for its smartphone manufacture. According to reports from CNNMoney, the devices could one day be made in Bangalore.

Apple has released a statement stating that it was appreciative of the reception it received from the Indian government.

Apple appreciated the “constructive and open dialogue we’ve had with government about further expanding our local operations,” it said in a statement released after the talks. That said, while the commerce ministry of India confirmed that a meeting took place, it declined to make any comments about the purpose of those gatherings. Apple’s own statement provided no further detail regarding what was discussed in India.

The Times of India first reported that Apple may be moving its iPhone manufacturing the Bangalore.

Apple iPhone Manufacturing Bangalore is located in the southern part of India and is considered to be the country’s primary technology hub. The factory will reportedly be constructed in a partnership between the country and Wistron, a manufacturer based in Taiwan.

Apple is working very hard to try to boost its presence in India. That massively populated country also happens to be the one in which the fastest growth is being recorded in Asia. As global sales of iPhones sputter, Apple is focusing on areas where meaningful growth potential continues to exist.

This is not the first step the iPhone maker has taken in this direction. It was about a year ago when the company first applied to open Indian retail stores. Manufacture appears to be the next step in solidifying the company’s presence within this promising marketplace.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, visited India in May 2016. At that time, he met Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Apple’s decision to send iPhone manufacturing to the country aligns well with Modi’s government “Make in India” initiative. The campaign is designed to draw international companies and promote foreign investment. As a component of this, firms from other companies are required to obtain 30 percent of their materials from local sources.

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