iMPak launches new NFC-enabled health device



Joint venture aims to help those with medical conditions with new device

Meridian Health, a health care system based in New Jersey, has announced that its joint venture, iMPak Health, has developed a new affordable health device for consumers. The joint venture has created a mobile device that incorporates NFC technology as a way to provide users with pertinent information concerning their health. iMPak believes that the device will be useful for those that have heart conditions or those that may be at risk of developing heart conditions.

NFC-enabled device can transmit information wirelessly

The device, called RhythmTrak, appears to be a simple card, similar to a credit card, at first glance. The card is equipped with two sensors that are able to document heart rates and the variability in heart rhythm. The device is also equipped with and NFC chip that is able to transmit this health data to NFC-enabled wireless devices, such as smart phones or tablets. Indeed, this is the very reason the device was created: To give consumers a way to manage their conditions and provide health care providers with seamless access to this information.

iMPak plans to expand the availability of the device once approval from the federal government is granted

The RhythmTrak is currently only compatible with Android mobile devices, but iMPak plans to extend the device’s availability to the iOS platform by the end of this year. The device has not yet received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, but iMPak has submitted the device for review and believes that it will win approval before long.

iMPak believes RhythmTrak will stand out amongst competitors

Though iMPak’s device is not the only NFC-enabled health device of its kind, the company believes that it will provide a valuable service to consumers. Other NFC-enabled devices often seek to diagnose conditions based on information provided by users. The RhythmTrak is designed as a management aid for heart conditions that have already been diagnosed. iMPak notes that staying on top of these conditions can prevent complications in the future, some of which can mean the difference between life and death.

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