Identive unveils engaging color magnet and NFC tag stickers



NFC tags bring a whole new meaning to window shopping.

RFID industry security and identification product and service provider, Identive Group, Inc., has unveiled its latest product line for NFC tags, which includes magnets and NFC window stickers that allow for more engaging, entertaining, and high-impact consumer experiences.

The new Identive NFC window stickers are created to allow for check-ins with social media and coupon apps, as well as information pick-ups. These stickers are high resolution, doubled sided, and full color, and are created through a unique process that allows the same high quality visual image to be displayed regardless of whether a customer is entering or exiting a store – it functions on both sides of the glass.

The smart NFC inlays are concealed within the Identive NFC window stickers, providing a display that is much more aesthetically attractive, and that will be more effective in drawing the attention of smartphone users, regardless of which side of the window they happen to face.


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Businesses can use the NFC window stickers from Identive to create a powerful capability for personalization with the option to include sequential colored QR codes on either side of the decal. Through the addition of color to the QR code, companies are capable of incorporating brand elements into the barcodes without sacrificing the scan accuracy of the sticker.

It also permits users who do not have smartphones with NFC technology to be able to scan the QR code on the sticker. This is because the sticker’s data is stored both within the NFC Data Exchange Format message within the NFC chip that has been selected, as well as the QR code. Therefore, while consumers using both types of technology will be able to interact with the sticker, the NFC device users will still receive a richer and fuller overall experience.

The Identive mobility and NFC solutions vice president, David Holmes, explained that “By combining the power of NFC technology with our attractive stickers and magnetized NFC tags, Identive is offering a whole new way for future-minded retailers and business-savvy companies to communicate with their customers.” He added that “With enhanced NFC tag application possibilities in the real world, Identive is taking the lead to build out the NFC infrastructure.”

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