Identive Group pumping more than one million NFC tags into the mobile industry

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NFC technology continues to gain traction around the leading up to the release of several NFC-enabled smart phones from the major telecommunications companies in the world. The companies investing in the technology are hoping for a sort of revolution in both the realms of commerce and socializing and have been taking steps to ensure this. Before NFC can really expand, however, there must be an appropriate infrastructure. That is, there must be millions of NFC-enabled devices saturating the market. Such a task is not easily accomplished but Identive Group, Inc. will be trying their hand at the endeavor.

The Identive Group is a pioneer in the identification, security and RFID (radio frequency identification) fields. The company specializes in solidifying the presence of ID-based technologies throughout the world. Because of the company’s expertise in this regard, a leading telecom company has pegged the Identive Group to produce more than one million specially made NFC tags.

The tags feature Identive Group’s proprietary antenna, which the company claims allows greater security and better connectivity between mobile devices. Each tag will be accompanying a smart phone and can be stuck to the back plate of the device. In this way, the company hopes to make good on the promise of NFC technology.


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There is no information regarding which telecom company commissioned the tags as yet. Such details may become available later in the year as many such companies near the launch of their own NFC products.

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