IBM Research brings augmented reality to mobile shopping

Augmented Reality shopping mobile commerce

Augmented Reality shoppingAugmented reality application introduced by IBM Research

IBM Research, the research and development arm of IBM, has developed a new mobile application that could have a major impact on the way people shop for products. Shopping via a mobile device is becoming more popular due to the convenience it offers consumers. Devices like smart phones and tablets provide consumers with a way to research products, find better deals, and even make purchases directly from their mobile device. IBM Research believes that mobile shopping can be enhanced through the use of augmented reality, which is a prominent feature of the company’s new mobile application.

Interactive technology gaining more support

Augmented reality has attracted a great deal of attention from the marketing and entertainment industries. The interactive technology provides consumers with dynamic engagement in nearly every medium it is used. Consumers have shown strong interest in augmented reality over the years, which has lead IBM Research to develop its new application, hoping to provide more in-depth services to consumers that use their mobile devices to shop for products.

App helps users find products they are interested in

The application uses image recognition to identify products. It then provides users with information concerning price, nutrition information, ingredients, and other such data. Users can customize the information they see and attribute filters to the application that will allow them to refine their search of products. For instance, a shopper can use the application to find only gluten-free food products, with the application ignoring all other products until told otherwise. The application can also inform the user of what products are on sale and what coupons may be available for such products.

Augmented reality growing beyond past boundaries

Augmented reality continues to expand beyond the boundaries of marketing and entertainment. The technology has been gaining momentum in various industries, such as health care, over the past several years. Augmented reality is nothing new to the world of retail, where the technology is sometimes used in the form of virtual dressing rooms where consumers can try on an assortment of digital clothing tailored specifically to their body and interests.

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