IBM to launch new mobile commerce platform

IBM Mobile commerce app

IBM unveils its new B2B Commerce platform based on WebSphere Commerce software

IBM is planning to launch a new business-to-business mobile commerce platform based on its WebSphere Commerce software. The new platform is called IBM B2B Commerce, and is designed to provide a shopping experience for businesses that is more akin to consumer shopping. The platform may help companies that sell to business enterprises the ability to connect with their customers more effectively, especially through the mobile space. The platform will offer these companies a multitude of services that are based on other technology designed by IBM.

Companies will be able to support orders made through mobile apps and social media sites

Using the IBM B2B Commerce platform, companies will be able to fulfill orders across numerous selling channels, including those made at physical locations. The platform will also support online shopping and orders placed through mobile applications. The platform will also support connections with social media sites, allowing businesses to connect with one another. IBM will also be making its supply chain management, web analytics, and marketing software available through its new mobile commerce platform.


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B2B mobile commerce platforms are becoming more popular

IBM Mobile commerce Mobile commerce has become quite popular among consumers, but it is still relatively rare in the business-to-business space. The demand for mobile platforms that can support business transactions in this space has been growing over the past few years. This is because mobile technology is beginning to play a larger role in business operations. As mobile technology becomes more prevalent, the need for services that are focused on the mobile space is becoming more apparent and IBM is one company working to satisfy growing demand.

IBM platform aims to bring more security to B2B mobile commerce

Mobile commerce has gained popularity because of its convenient nature. Some businesses have shied away from mobile platforms because of concerns regarding security, willing to avoid the convenient benefits of the mobile commerce space in order to protect themselves from digital threats. The new commerce platform from IBM will be making use of the company’s security software and technology, creating a secure environment wherein mobile transactions can take place.

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