IBM and Apple partner up on business focused mobile app

IBM Mobile commerce app

The companies have now announced that they will be working together on this application and other products.

Despite the fact that IBM and Apple have hardly seemed like companies that would ever be partnering to create products together, this is exactly what has recently been announced, as they will now be developing both mobile app and device products that are geared toward business customers.

The first mobile application being developed in the partnership is targeting telecom companies as customers.

One of the new mobile apps that the two companies have created together promises that it will be helpful to telecom workers in the field, in that it will assist them in arriving at their appointments more quickly. This is because it works with their iPhone or iPad GPS feature.

Another of the apps being created will assist flight attendants by making it possible for them to help passengers, while in the air, to be able to change their reservations for connecting flights.

When all is said and done, Apple and IBM have announced ten new business focused mobile apps.

IBM Mobile appThe programs will run on iPads and iPhones, which are already quite popular mobile devices in the business world. While this is not the first time that the business world – such as retailers, restaurants, and other kinds of company – have had apps created with them in mind, the majority have been developed by smaller or independent companies and developers.

These two tech giants have had a long tradition of being fierce rivals, but they initially suggested that they would be entering into a partnership over the summer with the purpose of creating mobile applications with businesses as their target. Those apps are being created using the data analytics prowess from IBM on top of its business requirement knowledge and experience, in combination with the user-friendly, elegant product creation for which Apple is known.

This could create a defining change in the mobile apps and products offerings available to the business world. At a time in which BlackBerry is hoping to recreate itself in its traditional business-focused environment, there could be some stiff competition in the works.

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