IBM announces acquisition of Tealeaf Technology

IBM Mobile commerce app

IBM Mobile Commerce

The purchase was made to help marketers improve smartphone digital experience for consumers.

IMB has announced that it has reached a solid agreement for the acquisition of a leading customer experience analytics software provider, Tealeaf Technology, Inc., which is known for assisting companies to obtain intelligence and improve their reaction time to align themselves with digital consumer trends as they occur.

The companies have not released the financial details, and certain typical closing conditions and regulatory clearances must still be met, but it is expected that the deal will close before the end of 2012’s second quarter.

IBM hopes to use this purchase to broaden its Smarter Commerce initiative.

It wants to accomplish this goal by including capabilities for qualitative analytics that can offer chief marketing officers, as well as e-commerce professionals and customer service reps with insights provided in an automated fashion in real time, for a better understanding of the buying experience of their customers across the online marketplace and mobile devices.

This allows companies to obtain insight that is actionable for improving the support they provide their customers, as well as in transforming the usability of their websites, boosting their online conversion rates, and customizing their marketing campaigns.


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CMOs are now required to have the ability to offer a mobile experience that is seamless, as it is estimated that online commerce around the world will pass the $1 trillion mark by 2014, and that by 2015, mobile commerce will have hit $200 billion.

Tealeaf currently includes 30 Fortune 100 companies among its 450 customers around the world.

Among those Tealeaf clients are Air Canada, Dell, Crate & Barrel, Wells Fargo, Zappos, Orbitz, Expedia, Neiman Marcus, Best Buy, ING Direct, DirectTV, GEICO, McKesson and StubHub.

Today’s companies are fighting to keep up with consumer demands that are continually changing and evolving, especially with the growth of social and mobile channels. Customers are increasingly using these online resources for obtaining information, and buying products and services. This requires companies to pay close attention to their customer behaviors and to be responsive to them in order to continue to be competitive and to grow.


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