IBM analytics forecast hot holiday shopping season over mobile devices

Mobile Shopping

Mobile Shopping
IBM has used its extensive resources for analytics to determine that the 2011 holiday shopping season will boom with more use of mobile devices to make purchases over retail sites than ever before.

The company has forecasted that throughout the heat of the November holiday shopping season, a never before seen 15 percent of Americans will be using a mobile device to visit a retailer’s website.

These findings were based on IBM’s use of cloud analytics from its range of analytics solutions. The IBM Coremetrics Benchmark data indicated that there is supposed to be a growth rate of 15 percent for November holiday shopping online when compared to the same time last year. The company believes that the mobile influence, such as Android phones and iPads, are primarily responsible for this trend.

The Coremetrics Benchmark at IBM provides an analysis based on information gleaned directly from over 500 top American retailers’ websites. The benchmark then goes on to use the analytics technology for measuring data relating to real-time sales and results for marketing online for determining the latest trends in shopping across a number of different channels such as mobile devices, social media, and other environments in which consumers and brands can interact.

A statement from IBM Industry Solutions, the company said that this holiday season in November “will mark the true advent of the post-PC era with consumers demonstrating a heightened interest in adding mobile devices to their holiday shopping arsenal.”

According to Enterprise Marketing Management Group director of product management, John Squire, from IBM Industry Solutions, it is therefore important for retailers who wish to get the most out of their potential to provide consumers with smarter shopping experiences that are highly personalized.

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