Hy-Vee mobile app allows grocery consumers to go use their devices to shop

Hy-Vee Mobile Shopping App

Hy-Vee Mobile Shopping App
Midwestern supermarket chain, Hy-Vee, is now offering its supermarket shoppers a mobile app that is designed to help to make the shopping experience more social, easier, and faster.

This app, designed for smartphones, provides a number of different interactive features that can assist shoppers in creating lists, planning and preparing meals, and obtaining access to information from the store as well as its pharmacy, and more.

Among the apps features are the following:

• Find products – the app is customized by store location, and provides a product locator that is voice activated, so that customers can receive guidance directly to the aisle and the shelf where they can find the products they want.


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• Browsing of weekly ads, creation of shopping lists, and searchable recipes – customers can create their lists while they’re on the go, and can browse through the ads for the week or recipes that can help with their meal planning. Any of the items from the ads and recipes can then be transferred to their shopping lists.

• Shop – many services, such as bakery, floral, and catering, can all be ordered and purchased using the app.

• Social Media interaction with Hy-Vee – the various social media channels for Hy-Vee can be easily accessed through the app, and users can post on Twitter to report any items that are out-of-stock.

According to the Hy-Vee assistant vice president of media relations, Ruth Comer, said that the company decided to take their place with social media and simply the shopping process for consumers by making it easier for them to prepare to shop and to navigate the locations “by developing an app that helps you find the foods you’re looking for faster, and even tweet about what’s missing on our shelves.”

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