Huawei mobile payments expand into new Bitcoin Wallet

Huawei mobile payments - Bitcoin Payments has become the first bitcoin wallet to launch on the recently-debuted handset maker’s app store.

Huawei mobile payments have been brought to a whole new level with an important first., based in Amsterdam and Beijing, has become the first bitcoin wallet on Huawei’s new app store.

This brings an important mobile payments opportunity to Chinese consumers behind the “Great Firewall.”

The Huawei mobile payments will make it easier for Chinese residents to access cryptocurrency wallets, according to a CNN report. Both the Chinese government and telecom companies have jointly blocked Android mobile device users from being able to access Google Play, the Android app store. This means that the majority of Android apps are not available to consumers behind what is known as “China’s Great Firewall.”

Moreover, there is an existing and growing rift between American intelligence agencies and Huawei, as was recently reported by QR Code Press. There is a lack of trust between these agencies and the company regarding the handset maker’s lack of transparency and ties to the Chinese government.

Huawei mobile payments will be available through the new app store on all P20 and up Honor phones.

The Huawei app store will be automatically installed on these new devices. That said, owners of older models will also be able to enjoy the app store soon. The company announced that it will arrive on their phones later in the quarter.

This means that anyone there who wants the new bitcoin wallet will be able to find it as in the App Gallery. The app is owned by Huawei mobile payments - Bitcoin PaymentsMitmain, a cryptocurrency miner manufacturer from China. Moreover, CNN reported that the app is setting up to encourage greater downloads right off the bat by offering to “gift a starting amount of cryptocurrency” to Huawei users who install a wallet.

“ is democratizing Bitcoin by breaking down barriers to entry and ensuring new users can access Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash in a simple, secure and trusted environment,” said Alejandro de la Torre, vice president of business operations at in a press release about the new Huawei mobile payments opportunity.

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