How QR Codes Can Make Your Products Better

QR Codes

QR codes have been around for a while, but are still an underutilized technology that holds a lot of benefits that numerous companies are failing to exploit. They’re great at providing a link between print and online marketing, and they create a measurable way for businesses to track the success of their campaigns and products.

QR codes have the potential to make your products drastically better, and smarter, be it if they appear on the packaging or product itself. They also provide a creative way to improve your goods. Here’s some of the best ways QR codes can do that.

Keeps Things Clean

QR codes can make your product look far more aesthetically appealing, and because of that, more up market and desirable. They do this by eliminating the need for your packaging to be burdened with product information, as this can be accessed through scanning the QR code, allowing designers to create slicker and cleaner products or product packaging designs.

With a QR code you can connect your audience to your entire supply chain, to your social channels, or to a smarter way of shopping, without clogging up precious packaging space. It’s important to consider QR codes during your product development, which can be made far easier to implement with product portfolio management tools.

Connects with Customers

QR codes provide an easy way for your customers to stay connected with your business and are much more efficient than printing your website addresses on the packaging. This is because scanning a QR code removes the need for the manual input of typing anything in, meaning your business’s online platforms are far more accessible for a customer.

Reward Customers with Deals

These QR codes can easily be programmed to allow those that scan it access to coupons and deals to some of your business’s other products. This rewards existing customers and entices them to return, which boosts goodwill and brand reputation, while also helping you generate more sales.

Additionally, due to the increase of mobile use in digital spaces, consumers will welcome something that’s so accessible as they’ll be able to have the coupons or deals instantly on their device. From there customers can save it, send it as an email and even share it with friends, which can result in a boosted audience reach.

How to Implement QR Codes Properly

Despite how useful they can be, many companies fail to implement QR codes correctly, resulting in a less than positive effect. Here’s a few things to consider when adding a QR code to your products to make sure it’s actively improving your goods.

  • Add Instructions

It’s baffling, but one common mistake a lot of businesses fall foul of when trying out QR codes for the first time is they forget to add instructions. As QR codes are still not a widely used piece of technology, a lot of people won’t know how to engage with them, or even know the purpose of them. A sentence or two underneath that instructs readers what to do will go a long way into making it more accessible.

  • Frame It

The best QR codes are the ones that blend in well with the product’s design and color scheme. These days, QR codes don’t have to look like a bar code, and instead can be stylized to look more appealing. There are various color options, frames and shapes you can use to make your QR code match your brand, and it’s even possible to have your logo inside of it, for maximum brand awareness.



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