How is the fashion industry using technology these days

Virtual Fashion Shows

The Internet is becoming ever more integrated with reality as technology continues to advance. The ability to be everywhere at any given moment has taken the prestige out of attending popular events in person, particularly in the fashion world. The fashion industry has always been avant-garde, often on the cutting edge of the latest trends whether they are clothing or technology. As technology progresses, the industry is looking to take advantage of everyone’s omnipresence.

Earlier this month, Burberry drew a lot of attention by streaming its autumn catwalk show live. The show was displayed on a gargantuan screen in Piccadilly Circus and 38 other Burberry stores worldwide. Live streaming is becoming one of the most popular methods of presenting events that can be viewed by a massive audience. Traditionally, fashion shows are exclusive events. By streaming these shows to the Internet, they are no longer reserved for industry elites. Making use of technology is having quite an impact on the industry as a whole.

Anina Trepte, founder of the 360Fashion Network – an online hub for everything fashion – has been using QR codes with her latest MobileMags platform. MobileMags makes magazines viewable on any phone. One of the key features of the platform is its interactivity. The magazines can be downloaded by scanning QR codes.

Nina Maya Skzynski, an Australian designer, was the first to make use of the code in conjunction with MobileMags in her stores. Shoppers could scan the codes and download a mobile magazine through which they could learn more about the designer. Skzynski has said that this creates a stronger connection between her and consumers.

QR codes are famed for their interactivity and flexibility. With the fashion industry looking to connect more with consumers, these codes are playing a vital role in accomplishing that goal.

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