How to introduce mobile marketing to your business

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Companies have waited long enough and now it’s time to be smartphone friendly.

When it comes to mobile marketing, the most important step (as with virtually anything else) is to get started – the key is knowing how.

Though many businesses want to appeal to smartphone users, they don’t know how.

The following tips can help you to understand the very first successful steps into the smartphone environment.

• Pay attention to what people are doing – though this can involve reading some studies and statistics about the latest trends, try actually having a look at what people are actually doing in your local areas. Go to a mall, store, restaurant, park, etc, and do some old fashioned people watching. What you’ll notice is that people are using their devices no matter where you happen to go, and that making calls is actually only a fraction of their purpose. They’re texting, playing games, using apps, and looking for information online. By exploring this arena yourself, you’ll start to get to know what people are expecting at these times and how you can get your message into this sphere.

• Don’t just watch the major corporations – though big companies do help to point out trends, don’t forget to pay attention to what small businesses are doing, too. After all, you likely can’t compete with massive international organizations, so you may as well find out what companies closer to your own size are doing. Mobile marketing has opened many doors and has somewhat leveled the playing field in terms of the opportunities available to businesses of all sizes. Small businesses can have optimized sites, QR codes, and other highly effective smartphone elements without requiring a massive budget.

• Make your smartphone friendly site rich in content and media – this doesn’t mean that you need to have a high tech and expensive site. It just means that it should incorporate some rich functionality and work very easily with the navigation elements of a touch screen so that consumers will remain interested, and won’t be turned off by a site that is difficult to use. Make information easy to find and handy, and mobile marketing fun.

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