How closely will the Amazon Kindle tablet resemble the iPad?

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon technology news

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon
Information about the latest Amazon Kindle tablet has been leaked, providing insight into what can be expected from its upcoming release.

As far as the unofficially released information has indicated, the device will be a 7 inch color touch screen which will not have any physical buttons. Its operating system was built on a foundation of an older version of Android which was then constructed into a wholly new interface that is fully integrated with the apps from Amazon such as the MP3 Cloud Player, the Kindle Reader, the Amazon Store, Amazon Instant videos, the Amazon Appstore, and others.

There has also been word that the device will contain other apps which have been provided by Google. It is not yet known whether the new Kindle’s browser will run Flash content from Adobe.

Some experts feel that Amazon is developing its Kindle device into one that somewhat resembles the iPad from Apple, except for three significant differences: the price, the screen size, and the provider.

The Kindle will be notably less expensive as it is expected to cost around $250 and will include an Amazon Prime service subscription at no additional charge. It is not known whether there will be a renewal fee for this service, which typically costs $79 per year.

The size of the Kindle will be significantly smaller than the iPad and is expected to be much lighter as well. This is a feature that many people find very appealing for portability, though not as advantageous for watching videos.

The last main difference between the Kindle and iPad is also what makes it so similar. When iPad first started, it was an Apple-provided content consumption device. This is precisely what Amazon has done with its latest tablet.

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