Holiday mobile shopping habits will stand out this year

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As has been the case over the last few years, this should be a record breaker for m-commerce.

The most important time of the year for retailers is approaching and mobile shopping habits will be playing a large role. In fact, it is expected that this holiday season will represent another time in which records will be broken across the board.

Pre-holiday study and forecast results are already being issued by a number of analytics firms.

The goal is to best understand what are likely to be the mobile shopping habits of the majority of consumers. In this way, it will make it easier to design a marketing and engagement strategy that will suit the needs and expectations of those shoppers. The fact that mobile commerce remains in its early days and is growing at a rapid rate of adoption makes predictions challenging.

Previous years can provide only so much guidance due to the growth rate and the changing technology and ecosystem. Consumers and retailers alike have been changing their attitudes toward the use of shopping over smartphones and tablets.

The goal is to understand consumer mobile shopping habits to gain more of this year’s larger amount of spending.

mobile shopping habits commerce and desktop Last year, retail sales from November through January brought in $969 billion. This, according to Deloitte data released following that shopping season. The 2016 holiday season, on the other hand, is predicted to break the $1 trillion mark. Of that, online sales are predicted to reach the $96 billion level. This will also be an increase over last year’s figure, which was $82 billion, said Deloitte.

Deloitte predicts that the largest amount of spending in terms of dollars will continue to occur in-store. That said, this year, 67 percent of those in-store purchases will have been influenced by digital channels in some way. In other words, $661 billion in holiday shopping purchases will have been influenced by an interaction with the product, brand or company over desktop or mobile.

Therefore, while mobile shopping habits may not necessarily be reflected in m-commerce sales figures, the impact is tremendous. About three quarters of all in-store purchases will have involved a digital interaction, first. This means that while mobile sales may be smaller than in-store, they will still affect shopper decisions. Deloitte predicts that the mobile sales themselves will make up approximately 30 percent of total online sales this holiday season.

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